our mission

Our mission at Integrated Pain Care is to decrease pain and restore a patient's quality of life through coordination of care and complete management of individual treatment plans. Using a multidisciplinary approach, we integrate each patient's customized treatment plan with our network of preferred specialty providers who offer advanced treatment options in physical therapy, mental health, occupational medicine and pain intervention.

By integrating IPC's level of care expertise with a network of preferred, multispecialty providers including physicians, nurse practitioners, occupational therapists, physical therapists and nurses, we form a "network team" for each and every patient. The network team works together and uses its advanced training and knowledge to develop a tailored program for every patient—a program that will help to significantly increase the patient's quality of life.

Why is IPC the answer for pain?

  • We offer expertise in pain management and care coordination
  • Our "network of excellence" is comprised of top specialty care providers
  • The IPC team is made up of advanced, trained and skilled physicians, nurse practitioners and therapists
  • Treatment plans are individually tailored to each patient
  • We offer fast-track appointments for consultations and evaluations