painful conditions

At Integrated Pain Care we treat all acute and chronic pain disorders with the purpose of returning people to the quality of life they experienced before their pain began.

back and neck pain

Several factors may contribute to chronic back and neck pain such as arthritis or bone and joint disorders. Common treatments for this kind of pain include medication, interventional procedures and physical therapy. Patients with injuries to the spine or problems such as strain, spinal stenosis or sciatica require examination and diagnosis to ensure the appropriate approach to managing pain. Back to top »

disc disease

One of the most common causes of back pain, disc disease generally causes pain in the lower back. Treatments such as epidural steroid injections have proven helpful in the treatment of this condition.
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cancer pain

Cancer pain is most commonly caused by cancer itself and the medications used to treat cancer. Whatever the cause, IPC can help to manage cancer pain by using any one treatment, or a combination of treatments, including pharmacological and interventional pain procedures.
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headaches and migraines

For people suffering from frequent and severe headaches and migraines, our pain care team can help find what is causing these painful conditions and work toward a successful way to manage them. Occipital nerve block and trigger point injections have been very successful in the treatment of headaches and migraines. Back to top »

work related injuries

For people injured on the job, IPC provides early diagnosis and treatment while keeping employers and insurance carriers informed of each patient's treatment plan, progress and recovery. Back to top »


Neuropathy, phantom limb pain, shingles, postsurgical pain, trigeminal neuralgia and sport injuries are all treated by the IPC pain care team. Back to top »

Please call if you don't see the condition you are seeking treatment for; we may still be able to help.


At Integrated Pain Care, we treat all acute and chronic pain disorders. With advanced training, knowledge and technology, we integrate all of the following treatments to maximize their benefits and pain-reducing effects, helping to increase a patientís quality of life.