At Integrated Pain Care, we treat all acute and chronic pain disorders. With advanced training, knowledge and technology, we integrate all of the following treatments to maximize their benefits and pain-reducing effects, helping to increase a patient's quality of life.

Pain Management

Pain management specialists are dedicated to relieving pain and improving function in patients with persistent symptoms who have failed to respond to routine medical care. Our pain management specialists combine advanced medical knowledge, technical expertise and compassion with the courage to implement creative solutions in the diagnosis and treatment of patients with acute and chronic pain. Our practice is dedicated to adding value to the medical marketplace by reducing overall health-care costs through the accurate diagnosis and effective treatment of persistent pain. We do this by continuously improving the quality of our medical interventions and business processes as we strive to perfect the art and science of pain management.
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Physical Therapy

Physical therapists are trained to understand the interaction of all body parts. With this knowledge, our physical therapists conduct thorough patient examinations to diagnose the problem and begin treatment. From physical therapy our patients learn about body awareness; the importance of relaxation and flexibility; and proper posture and body movement. Back to top »

Counseling Services

Psychologists and behavioral medicine specialists focus on the development of various skills, attitudes and behaviors that reduce pain and improve quality of life. Psychological testing can assess strengths and problem areas that may impact pain. Individual therapy can address issues such as depression or anxiety and also address skills for coping with pain and its emotional and social consequences. Our network of therapists is also trained in substance abuse, vocational and disability counseling, issues that commonly co-exist with chronic medical conditions. Back to top »

Interventional Procedures

Interventional pain specialists focus on alleviating pain and suffering through procedures that target the cause of painful conditions. Helpful procedures include: epidural steroid injections, facet injections, radiofrequency lesioning, diagnostic nerve blocks, sympathetic nerve blocks, insertion of spinal cord stimulation devices and more. All providers in our network of pain specialists are board certified in pain management and have successful private practices. Back to top »

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At Integrated Pain Care we treat all acute and chronic pain disorders with the purpose of returning people to the quality of life they experienced before their pain began.